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ROTO 450s BASIC is the basic version of the ROTO 450s boat model. It is suitable for anyone looking for an entry model into the world of motor boats. It is a great model for those who are looking for a solution as a vessel to be rented out, for those who are looking for a work boat, or a boat for fish farms or marinas.

ROTO 450s BASIC version includes rear lockable bench for fuel tank and storage, stainless steel handrails, stainless steel plate in the engine mounting compartment and a waterproof plywood board in the engine mounting compartment.

A wide range of accessories such as additional lockable front bench and console with windshield and steering wheel are also available.




Overall length4,5 M

Overall width (beam)1,8 m

Overall height0,82 m

Weight without engine210 - 230 kg

Engine size without steering console9,9 - 20 HP

Boat categoryC / D

Maximum number of person4 - 5

Maximum load677 kg


A-Frame stainless steel with navigation lightAluminium 610,- €
Stainless steel 770,- €

VAT excluded

ROTO 450s front bench

Additional front bench290,- €

VAT excluded

ROTO 450s console

Console with windshield protection and steering wheel830,- €

VAT excluded

ROTO 450s accessories sun canopy

Sun canopy620,- €

VAT excluded

ROTO 450s boat trailer 2020

Boat trailer1.439,- €

VAT excluded

ROTO 450s navigation light

Navigation light110,- €

VAT excluded

ROTO 450s ladder

Ladder106,- €

VAT excluded

ROTO 450s accessories cleat

Cleat19,- €

VAT excluded


Cushion rear bench140,- €

VAT excluded

Cushion front bench140,- €

VAT excluded

Cushions side benches (2 pcs)240,- €

VAT excluded

Middle foldable cover & cushion set280,- €

VAT excluded

Backrest stainless steel & cushion set210,- €

VAT excluded

ROTO 450s accessories pillows

Pillow (1 pcs)40,- €

VAT excluded